Reimagine how
You build the web

Cloud Canal is a design tool that lets you build code visually with flows. Make them from scratch, or pick and choose from our community library.


A better way to design

Cloud Canal strives for ease-of-use without getting in your way

  • Visual coding

    Build flows out of blocks that give you full control over the code you write.

  • Automatic script generation

    Flows are automatically built into JavaScript files that can be inserted into your site(s) with a single line of code.

  • Script hosting

    Make and publish changes immediately to every site using your scripts, delivered via our CDN.

  • Back end services (soon!)

    Get set up with authentication, database, storage, and serverless functions, all in one convenient platform!

Frequently asked questions

  • What's the status of Cloud Canal?

    Cloud Canal is currently in open alpha. This means that we are actively developing and adding core features, while squashing bugs. Your feedback is crucial always, but especially now so that we can shape the tool together as a community.

  • Is this a no-code tool? Will there be integrations with other tools?

    Our community is made up of people with a wide range of programming experience. Those with more can dive in and build flows at a very granular level. For members more interested in a low-code solution, we have a wide range of preconfigured blocks to choose from. We will be adding integrations for various tools in the coming weeks, starting with Bubble.

  • Am I locked into your platform?

    No! Cloud Canal generates clean, well-written JavaScript files that are yours to take and do with as you please. Any code you write remains your intellectual property.

  • How can I provide feedback on bugs and feature requests?

    First off, thank you for your help; it means the world to us! Each page should have a "Feedback" widget in the bottom right corner which lets you highlight a section of that page and leave a comment for us to see internally. We may reach out to you for more details.